Hitendra's consulting projects are mainly around strategy, e-commerce, supply chain, reverse logistics, technology and data analytics, and sustainable supply chains.  

He consults with start-ups helping them with strategy, business plan design, venture pitches, and growth strategies.  

Hitendra also works with large companies providing them sensible advise on their supply chain, reverse logistics, technology, and big data problems.  He is very passionate about sustainability in supply chain but provides sensible (practical, scalable, verifiable, profitable) sustainability advise to his clients.

Hitendra is a believer in advise and execution that delivers tangible results fast in bite sized chunks that build on each other to compound value.

Sample engagements

  1. Designed and implemented a reverse logistics strategy for one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world.  Return to shelf increased by 20%, cost to process a return was reduced by 40%, asset recovery was increased by 20%.
  2. Designed and implemented a third party reverse logistics ERP solution for a start-up.  Customers on-boarded included LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Amazon, and Wal Mart.
  3. Designed and implemented a predictive diagnostics after sales service model for a large European large appliance manufacturer.  Number of technician visits were reduced by 40% and cost of spare part was reduced by 30%.
  4. Consulted with a developing country to propose a blockchain solution to solve the e-waste recycling problem.
  5. Consulted with half a dozen start-ups to help build their business plan and combined they raised over $10 million in angel and venture money
  6. Consulted with half a dozen warehousing and transportation companies to show them how best to use their existing data across supply chain using data analytics for increased efficiency